2022 Reunion Attendance Survey

Please let us know if you are fairly sure you will be coming to the Classmates Gathering on October 14, 2022.  We know plans change but we need a rough idea of people attending to reserve an appropriate size room. 

1.  Login  Shawnee Mission West High School Class of 1965, Overland Park, KS (smw65.com)
2.  Type your name in the Comment Box.
     If a guest will be accompanying you, please type their
     name next to yours
3.  Click > Submit


For a list of who is planning to attend:  Cick> 2022 Reunion Who's Coming! in the left menu.

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1)   * If you plan on attending the Classmate Gathering on October 14, 2022, type your name below and Click > Submit. If a guest will accompany you, please type their name next to yours. *You MUST be Logged In to the SMWest '65 webpage. https://www.smw65.com